Captain’s corner

Lady Captain – Sheila Ibbotson

Club Captain – Allen Ibbotson

The new season should have started on Saturday (31st March) but due to heavy rain and snow the course is in a wet condition. Let’s all try and try to aid the staff in maintaining a course that we can rightly be proud to be a member of. Full course and handicap qualifiers as soon as possible. (Weather permitting)

  • Therefore, remember the 3 Rs; Rake, Replace, Repair.
  • Please remember to support your club by entering the weekly competitions and making yourself available to represent the club where possible.
  • Members were allocated a hole to specifically look after according to your Surname. If in doubt check on the notice board in the clubroom.
  • Check out this website for a comprehensive list of this year’s club fixtures. External inter-club fixtures will be posted when we receive them.
  • Entries for this season’s majors can be made either via or directly onto the computer in the club room from 22/03. Entry is £2 per competition so please check your funds before entering. Entries close April 22nd.
  • Mr.Captain (Allen Ibbotson) had an early season get together on the evening of Wednesday March 14th. This was a chance for members to do a little bit of course improvement and to have a social get together.
  • The Captain’s chosen charity this year is Weston Park. Boxes where you can contribute your pounds for being in the bunker(s) are on the bar as usual.


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